The Ultimate CAD Viewer

Actify’s SpinFire supports the 2D and 3D CAD viewing and interrogation requirements of an individual, a team or the whole organization.

Supported formats

A powerful tool with an intuitive user interface available in over 10 languages, providing simple and complex interrogation tools for assemblies, parts, and drawings of all major 2D/3D CAD formats (CATIA, NX, ProE, Creo, SOLIDWORKS, JT, IGES, STEP)

Supported formats

Flexible plans and license models to meet the requirements of the individual user, team or whole organization based on its size and needs. Now everyone has affordable access to CAD data without the cost and complexity of accessing CAD Software.

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CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

SpinFire was benchmarked against 52 commercially available CAD viewers to enrich collaboration between CERN staff and external partners on CAD and engineering data.

Empowering the laboratory that created the most complicated machinery that mankind has ever produced (the Large Hadron Collider)
Model Analysis
View & interrogate your CAD data

View annotations, PMI and other metadata stored in the native CAD file and easily collaborate with mark-ups and user-defined views.

Explore SpinFire

1 — Measure

Use Smart Dimensioning to display lengths, distances, dimensions, angles and boundaries

Model Analysis

2 — Calculate

Easily calculate bounding boxes, volume, weight, surface area and center of mass


3 — Analyze

Dig deeper with model compare, draft angle, projected area, curvature and wall thickness analysis


4 — Convert

Convert 3D CAD to neutral formats (IGES, STEP, JT, 3DPDF) to share or re-use your data