The Ultimate CAD Viewer

Actify delivers a set of vendor-neutral CAD visualization tools, to support an individual, a team or the whole organization to visualize, analyze, and collaborate with CAD data from any major CAD system.

Supported formats
SpinFire Enterprise

A company wide deployment of SpinFire for manufacturing teams who require the capability to easily access, interact with, and collaborate on the design information from any major CAD system.  An accessible and affordable solution to make product data available across your organization.

Supported formats
CAD Publisher

A web-based application for organizations that are receiving and collaborating on CAD data in volume.  An easy-to-use and production-proven capability that works the way you do for sharing design and engineering information with anyone who needs it.

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CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

SpinFire was benchmarked against 52 commercially available CAD viewers to enrich collaboration between CERN staff and external partners on CAD and engineering data.

Empowering the laboratory that created the most complicated machinery that mankind has ever produced (the Large Hadron Collider)
Model Analysis
Enterprise Visualization
The need for standardization

High-end CAD software products are now too complex and expensive for wide deployment and are used almost  exclusively  within  engineering teams.  Adopting a common technology across your  company brings efficiency and consistency by extending digital design interaction simply and affordably to anyone who needs it.

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1 — A Single Platform

One visualization platform removes the need for multiple and often incompatible tools which can lead to data inconsistencies and different results.

Model Analysis

2 — Easy deployment and fast adoption

Minimal user training ensures all departments have access to the data quickly, reducing cost of ownership and provides immediate return on investment.


3 — Strengthen Customer relationships

Improved communication & collaboration increases productivity and improves customer interaction and relationships.


4 — Complement existing systems

Provide entire teams with the insight & awareness that a visual medium provides, to identify problems earlier and avoid mistakes.