Customer Support

Got a question before you buy? Or have a current subscription or maintenance contract? Then our dedicated support team will be happy to help. Please include your SEAT ID (license xx-xxx-xxxxxxxx) when getting in touch.

Frequently asked questions

How can I view an .ACT3D file that I have received?

SpinFire Reader: Install SpinFire > choose "no license" when prompted. Reader will view .ACT3D files only and has limited functionality.

Can I upgrade to the latest version of SpinFire?

All Customers with a current subscription or maintenance contract are entitled to the latest releases of the bundles they have purchased

I installed/upgraded my fixed license but can't open native CAD files?

Your company firewall may have blocked the license activation, request your license file by email and include your SEAT ID (xx-xxx-xxxxxxxx) and Computer ID (ACTYxxxxx) from the activation page

My floating license doesn't work?

Contact your IT Administrator to check that the actify service is active on the server and you have the latest SpinFire license files on your PC. IT Admins can email support for more information

How can I check if I have a current maintenance contract or not?

Your SpinFire home page shows your maintenance expiry date. Contact [email protected] to upgrade your existing license if required.

Can I install SpinFire on a MAC?

SpinFire is a Windows based platform. A windows emulator can be used but this option is not supported.

What software or hardware requirements do you recommend?

Windows 8 or newer, Intel i3+ and 8GB RAM