SpinFire Reader

SpinFire Reader will NOT open native CAD files. Use Reader to view .ACT3D files from SpinFire Ultimate and collaborate with your colleagues using mark-ups, measurements and comments.
View .ACT3D files only
Reader will not open native CAD files
Limited functionality
Limited measurement and print options. Saving is disabled
Choose "NO license" when prompted during install
Smart dimensioning
Model Analysis
CAD Viewer
SpinFire Ultimate

To view native CAD files (from CATIA V5-V6, NX, SolidWorks, Creo, IGES, STEP and more) you will need SpinFire Ultimate.

Free Ultimate trial
Smart dimensioning

1 — View and interrogate all major CAD formats

View annotations, PMI and other metadata stored in the native CAD file and easily collaborate with mark-ups and user-defined views.


2 — Measure & Calculate

Use Smart Dimensioning to display lengths, distances, dimensions and angles. Easily calculate bounding boxes, volume, weight and surface areas

Model Analysis

3 — Analyze & Convert

Dig deeper with model compare, draft angle, projected area, curvature and wall thickness analysis. Or Convert 3D CAD to neutral formats (IGES, STEP, JT, 3DPDF) to share or re-use your data