May 11, 2021 — Article

SpinFire Enterprise Visualization Suite

Fiona Caton

Actify’s Enterprise Visualization Suite

In today’s discrete manufacturing organization, product data needs to be available across the organization and the benefits of having a visual experience when working on complex design information are well known.

However the tools chosen often reflect the specific needs of an individual or department without regard to how they may be used elsewhere in the organization.

The need for standardization

High-end CAD software products are now too complex and expensive for wide deployment and  are used almost  exclusively  within  engineering teams.

However, there are many other users across the enterprise who can benefit from access to and interaction with product models, if delivered in an easy-to-use and affordable manner

Adopting a Common Technology

Actify delivers a set of tools that provide manufacturers with the ability to receive CAD data and efficiently convert that data with full fidelity into a lightweight format that can be visualized, analyzed, commented on, and shared with stakeholders.

Adopting a common technology across your  company brings efficiency and consistency by extending digital design interaction simply and affordably to anyone who needs it.

A single platform

  • One visualization platform removes the need for multiple incompatible tools leading to data inconsistencies and different results.

Easy deployment and fast adoption

  • Minimal user training ensures all departments have access to the data quickly, reducing cost of ownership and provides immediate return on investment

Strengthen Customer relationships

  • Improved communication & collaboration increases productivity and improves customer interaction and relationships

Complement existing systems with a visual medium

  • Provide entire teams with the insight & awareness to identify problems earlier and avoid mistakes
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SpinFire Enterprise

SpinFire Ultimate’s powerful yet simple user interface makes it possible for non-engineers with little or no training to view, measure, analyze, and collaborate on your critical design and engineering information.

SpinFire Enterprise is a company-wide deployment of SpinFire that provides an accessible and affordable solution to make product data available across your organization.

  • Deploy on demand

Includes an unlimited number of SpinFire installations for employees on multiple devices

  • No network or internet required

Employees have access to their product design data at work, at home or on the road – on their local device.

  • Immediate results

Give teams instant access to intuitive calculations & collaboration tools supporting all major CAD formats.

CAD Publisher

CAD Publisher is a web-based application that simplifies and automates the preparation and distribution of your critical design and engineering information.

Ideal for organizations that are receiving and collaborating on CAD data in volume, it fully automates the time-consuming task of converting CAD files and delivering them where needed in the appropriate format.

  • Centralize conversion processes

Establishing standard parameters for all conversions (by file type or Customer) increases consistency throughout the company

  • Automate conversion and publishing

No limit to the number of sources, parameters, conversions or destinations enables the right data in the right format available to everyone on demand.

  • Frictionless User adoption

A simple drag and drop user interface available for ad-hoc conversions that are not part of your  automated processes